Who is Coming to SaaSBOOMi #Growth?

Who is Coming to SaaSBOOMi #Growth?


Mrigank Tripathi


Apr 25, 2020

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Mrigank Tripathi


Apr 25, 2020

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SaaSBOOMi #Growth is a one-of-a-kind event. For the first time, we’re going completely virtual and are focussing exclusively on Growth.

While all of the previous SaaSBOOMi events have usually been centered around a customer category (Enterprise, SMB etc) or a region (Chennai, Hyderabad etc), this time we realised that neither of these classifications would work.

In these times of strife — #Growth is the biggest factor that everyone is mainly concerned about, and it was a no-brainer for us to choose that as our core theme.

We opened up the event on the 6th of April, with Avinash & Ankit issuing a call to arms for the first ever virtual SaaSBOOMi event to be on the 9th of May..


Announcing SaaSBoomi #Growth


The response has been phenomenal. Till date, we have had over 150 startups registering for the event. All of them, stellar.

A few people have been following up with us about the application and selection process, and we thought it would be worthwhile to write a quick blog on the process that we follow to select the participants.

There are three overriding principles to remember when you go through the process:

  1. This is a pay-it-forward event: There are no favourites and no ‘blockers’
  2. Maximum impact is critical: We give preference to the companies that fit our criteria and whom we believe would benefit the most from the event
  3. We have a limit on the number of companies that we can accommodate: 50 companies, with 3 people per company

Given the above — clearly, not everyone would make it. Here is a quick lowdown on the process that we have been following to select the startups that would get a seat at SaaSBOOMi #Growth:

  1. Qualification: We believe that the best range for the attendees is $200K to $2M in ARR. This helps us focus on someone who has started the growth journey to someone who needs to rejig and start the next level of journey.
  2. Business type: We get entries from all types of companies, and the only filter that really gets applied here is whether they are selling Software-as-a-Service to other businesses or individuals. This conference is not for service companies, nor are they for non-SaaS B2C companies.
  3. Problems: We try to match the problems that are faced by the founders with the session content to the best possible level.
  4. People: Preference is given to teams with a mix of founders, marketers, and operations folks.
  5. ACV size: While this is not a criterion for qualification — it’s an important bit to be able to figure out which tracks would be most relevant to each company and whether the company would get relevant outputs from the sessions or not. If we feel that the sessions planned would not result in the best outcomes for the company, we will not bring in the company.
  6. Recommendations: There are certain recommendations taken from other SaaS founders on which companies would benefit the most from the session and that plays a small part as well.

This process is being followed diligently — and it’s a rolling acceptance. Given the number of startups applying, we are sending out invites to whoever is getting approved. Out of those — whoever pays first gets a confirmed seat. It’s as simple as that. As of now — over 43 such emails have gone out. Some of the names that have already paid up and secured their seats include:


Some of the companies attending SaaSBoomi #Growth


Up until now, there are another 30-odd companies that have been sent the payment link and have the ability to take advantage of our Earlybird offer that expires today (25th of April), which costs Rs. 2000 for 3 people. Post that it goes up to Rs. 4000. There are others who are still on the waiting list — as they might not have been fully assessed yet.

So go on — do register if you haven’t already. This is an event that you simply can’t miss out on!


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