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    Paras Chopra

    Founder & Chairman , Wingify
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    Sparsh Gupta

    Co-Founder & CEO , Wingify


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    Pankaj Mishra

    Founder , FactorDaily

Wingify founders on a decade of bootstrapping, surviving profitably and staying together Pankaj Mishra What makes a company great? What does it take to build companies that outlive “startup valleys of death”? In this episode of SaaSBOOMi podcast, Paras Chopra and Sparsh Gupta share candid lessons on not just survival but building a culture that lasts, profitably.  “We’ve been lucky to share a substantial part of our value system, together. There are fundamental values that we both agree together, and that helps us have a lot of disagreements. But because we share the value system, we know whatever disagreements we’re having are towards the same end goal,” Paras says in this podcast.  “I actively look forward to Sparsh’s disagreement rather than just agreement, to ensure that I am not stuck in some cognitive bias in my own ego.” “In the last ten years, I and paras have had disagreements when we entered into a room, but every single time when we went out of the room, we both believed that our individual ideas got groomed, became better,” Sparsh adds in this podcast.