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Founder’s Deep-Dive, S2

Host: Suresh Sambandam

CEO: Kissflow

Suresh Sambandam dives deep into 360-degree aspects of organization building across product, sales, marketing business model, GTM, investor relations, culture, and decode the DNA of successful startups.

The journey of Vymo with Yamini Bhat

Vymo is one of the first enterprise SaaS companies in India with a different sales and marketing motion compared to typical horizontal SMB SaaS. Vymo started building an enterprise Sa ...


Suresh Sambandam, CEO, Kissflow


Yamini Bhat, Co-founder and CEO, Vymo

Listen to BTS Podcast on Marketing

Arvind Parthiban & Varun Shoor take you Behind The Scenes in the making of some of the successful marketing campaigns, and talk about how marketing is done, what works, and what doesn't.

BTS Podcast

with host

Arvind Parthiban

Varron Shoor

07 Episodes

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