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    Akshatha Kamath

    Head of Content Marketing , MoEngage


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    Arvind Parthiban

    Co-founder & CEO , SuperOps.ai
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    Varun Shoor

    Founder & ex CEO , Kayako

💡 Learn how to stand out as a startup in the world of content overload, how to build a content strategy to go from 0 to 1 in Content Marketing from someone who’s on top of the content game (Top 25 women in Content APAC, CMS Content Mogul, LinkedIn50).

Here’s BTS E6 for you with Akshatha Kamath (Head of Content Marketing, MoEngage) hosted by Arvind Parthiban and Varun Shoor.

Key take aways:

4:04 The Evolution of the Org Chart

6:32 Content Creation Mix

8:46 Org Chart – Content Team

10:53 Customer content & Vertical content

12:51 OKRs and KPIs for Marketing Org

13:54 Content Metrics

16:10 Overall Marketing Team Structure

24:34 Content Cadence

26:05 Practice of Listening to Sales

30:39 Earned Media by World Economic Forum, NewYork Times, and Forbes

37:36 Thought Leadership Content Team

38:49 Thought Leadership Pillars

39:25 Data Stories

43:40 Magic of combining Product Marketing + Content Marketing

46:24 Standing out as a startup in the world of information overload

54:11 Your One Marketing Challenge

54:45 Rapid Fire

Happy watching!

🎁 Bonus:
Don’t miss the Insight Cards hidden inside the episode.