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    Suresh Sambandam

    CEO , Kissflow


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    Pankaj Mishra

    Founder , FactorDaily

Suresh Sambandam, the CEO and founder of Kissflow, is a quintessential entrepreneur. And that’s not just because he can hustle his way out of any crisis, but more because of the way he applies all his learnings egolessly in moving his startup forward.

Suresh talks about “the HP Way” he discovered while working at Hewlett Packard early in his career, and the way the company puts trust in its people.

“Trust isn’t just about honesty or competency. It’s a two-sided coin; you need to have competence and character. You won’t trust anyone who doesn’t have competency. You can’t trust a doctor who is not a good doctor. ”

In this podcast conversation, Suresh also opens up about two of the toughest challenges he faced in his career–the 2008 financial crisis, and losing his cofounder during 2013, which triggered a deep introspection and challenged his beliefs, moulded him forward.

Suresh recommends several books, including “the Fifth Discipline”, which is about building a learning organisation. Please tune in to this episode of the SaaSBOOMi podcast to learn how Suresh is applying best practices from across the world in building a learning organisation that survives the test of crises.