Personalized Coaching Program for SaaS startups

Registrations open for GrowthX till march 6th

A 16 week unique personalised, implementation focused program

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GrowthX is a unique initiative by SaaSBOOMi

It is a 16 week unique personalised, implementation focused program for a select few startups. Each startup is different – and so an individualised plan to ensure that that specific startup succeeds in delivering on its promise.

This is the first of its kind of program where growth leaders from some of the best SaaS companies will offer their expertise and lessons learned from high-growth journeys to fuel promising startups succeed through a personalised plan.

Who can Apply?

Startups with ARR (500K – 2M) [Product revenue]

What's the Need?

SaaS is a sunrise sector in India and lots of deserving companies in India now

Most of the companies have some part of Growth right but teams need hand holding to take them through the various stages of setting up scalable systems and processes

Many seasoned SaaS mentors and guides now available in India who wish to help founder on (pay-it-forward) models

Lots of ‘gyan’ available, but no structured peer based program to truly move the needle.

Selection Process

Referral Invite

Invitation through referrals as well as various SaasBoomi groups for detailed application


Applicant is shortlisted by the GrowthX mentors


If you are shortlisted, an interview is conducted with 2 GrowthX mentors

Referral Check

We conduct a thorough referral check. It is satifactory, then GrowthX core discussion to finalise

Registrations open for GrowthX

A 16 week unique personalised, implementation focused program

GrowthX Cohort