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SaaSBOOMi Caravan

A 10-day Trip to the US to Learn about Building SaaS Startups for the US Market

SaaSBOOMi Silicon Valley Edition

September | Bay Area

Registrations are yet to open for the 2023 edition. Scroll down for details of the last one

For Founders travelling
from India


For US-based founders,
or mentors


Attend the 10-day Conference Packed with SaaS-for-US Sessions by SaaS Leaders

Our US Caravan event is a 10-day trip to the US packed with curated roundtables where successful SaaS practitioners from renowned companies open their playbooks on how to build and scale startups in the US.

Looking back at US Caravan 2022

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Why attend SaaSBOOMi Caravan?


Find out how to build a startup that cements its position in the global landscape


Leverage business models unique to India to scale your startup in the US


Meet & learn from some of the smartest SaaS minds in the world

Who should attend?


Startups in the $100K-10 million ARR


Growth stage Valley-based founders looking to leverage India

Early & Growth stage investors

Early & Growth stage investors with a focus on SaaS and Cross border founders

Bay Area Execs

Execs. of growth-stage SaaS startups in the Bay area

US Caravan
2022 agenda

  • 16 - 27 Sep, 2022
  • Bay Area

16 Sep, Friday
SaaSBOOMi Social
Drinks & Dinner

17 Sep, Saturday
SaaS Premier League

20 Sep, Tuesday
CIO Roundtable On the future
of SaaS Enterprise technology

21 Sep, Wednesday
CHRO/Legal Roundtable
Family, Team & the Founder

22 Sep, Thursday
Meet and Greet
VC Connect with Startups

23 Sep, Friday
Essential Marketing Strategies

24 Sep, Saturday
Nature Hike
Connect with the Outdoors

26 Sep, Monday
Scaling & Selling in the US

27 Sep, Tuesday
SaaSBOOMi Summit
The Rise of India Saas

Our Ecosystem Partners



You can’t miss out on the SaaSBOOMi Summit

SaaSBOOMi Summit

All timings are as per PST
  • 27th Sep, 2022
  • Bay Area

2:45 pm - 3:15 pm
Networking and Registrations

3:15 pm - 3:30 pm
Welcome, Overview of SaaS Landscape & SaaSBOOMi
Session by Manav Garg, Vinod Muthukrishnan & Priya Ramachandran

3:30 pm - 4:15 pm
Fireside chat with Dheeraj Pandey, Founder & CEO at Nutanix & DevRev
Moderator: Ashish Tulsian

4:15 pm - 5 pm
Fireside chat with Umesh Sachdeva, Founder & CEO at Uniphore
Moderator: Priya Ramachandran

5 pm - 5:45 pm
M&A Panel
Speakers: Donald Tucker, Head of M&A at Docusign, Ex Corp Dev Leader at Cisco Omar Tawakol, CEO & Founder at Voicea (Acquired by Cisco) Vinod Muthukrishnan, EVP at Uniphore

5:45 pm - 6 pm
SaaSBOOMi Mentor Network
Session by Avinash Harsh & other amazing mentors

6 pm onwards
Networking, Dinner and Drinks

Don’t want to miss events like this in the future? Join our incredible community of SaaS leaders.

For US-based founders,
investors, or mentors

*All details are provided on the links

Past Speakers

Past Speakers

  • Image

    Amit Pande

    CMO, Aviso AI
  • Image

    Anand Chandrasekaran

    Partner, General Catalyst
  • Image

    Annie Shea Wecknesser

    CMO, Uniphore
  • Image

    Ashish Tulsian

    Co-Founder & CEO, Posist
  • Image

    Carter Busse

    CIO, Workato
  • Image

    Dheeraj Pandey

    CEO, DevRev
  • Image

    Donald Tucker

    Corp Dev & Venture Investments, DocuSign
  • Image

    Eric Tan

    CIO, Coupa
  • Image

    Joyce Zhang

    CEO Co-Founder, Alariss Global
  • Image

    Kevin Cheng

    CMO, Analyst Relations/Public Relations Expert
  • Image

    Klarissa Marenitch

    CIO, Hippo Insurance
  • Image

    Leena Kamath

    Partners Marketing, ZScaler
  • Image

    Manav Garg

    Founder & CEO, Eka Software
  • Image

    Mirjam Dijkxhoorn

    Independent Researcher
  • Image

    Mohit Garg

    Co-Founder & Advisor, MindTickle
  • Image

    Omar Tawakol

    Co-Founder & CEO of Voicea, Acquired by Cisco
  • Image

    Prasad Ramakrishnan

    SVP of IT & CIO, Freshworks
  • Image

    Priya Rajan

    Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank
  • Image

    Priya Ramachandran

    Founding & Managing Partner, Foster Ventures
  • Image

    Rajvinder Kaur

    Of-Counsel, Inventus Law
  • Image

    Sanjeevnie Syngal

  • Image

    Sanket Naik

    Founder & CEO, Palosade Inc.
  • Image

    Shekhar Kirani

    Partner, Accel
  • Image

    Shreesha Ramdas

    Entrepreneur, CS Leader
  • Image

    Susan Akina

    Immigration Attorney, Fragomen
  • Image

    Tejeshwi (TJ) Sharma

    Managing Director, Sequoia Capital
  • Image

    Umesh Sachdev

    CEO, Uniphore
  • Image

    Vinod Muthukrishnan

    EVP, Uniphore

Meet the Organising Team

Organising Team

  • Image

    Avinash Harsh

    Co-Founder & CEO, WEAVR
  • Image

    Girish Mathrubootham

    CEO & Founder, Freshworks
  • Image

    Manav Garg

    CEO & Founder, Eka Software Solutions
  • Image

    Priya Ramachandran

    Founding & Managing Partner, Foster Ventures
  • Image

    Shreesha Ramdas

    CEO & Co-Founder, Strikedeck Medallia
  • Image

    Vinod Muthukrishnan

    EVP, Uniphore

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