Announcing SaaSBOOMi Build-Passion For Products

Announcing SaaSBOOMi Build- Passion For Products




June 30, 2020

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June 30, 2020

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Indian’s have a stereotype. That of crabs pulling down other crabs that are successful. Nothing can be further from the truth. At least in the startup world.
I have been associated with the startup ecosystem in India for 13 years now. I also lived in the silicon valley ecosystem. Personally, I think that the Indian startup ecosystem is better in many aspects.
And one of them is the spirit of giving back that SaaSBOOMi stands for. SaaSBOOMi is ”The Pay-it-forward community for SaaS Founders”. That means it’s a community by the founders, for the founders of SaaS startups in India.

Why SaaS?

A lot of us believe that SaaS can be the driving force for catapulting the Indian startup scene to the next level. We already have success stories in Zoho, Freshworks, Zenoti etc. With the right vision, attitude and a mix of guiding playbooks, we can make India a winning ground for SaaS.
We have already had a lot of successful SaaSBOOMi editions. So what’s special about . SaaSBOOMi Build is for the builders. The Founders, Product & Engineering leaders who get down and dirty and build the nuts and bolts of the SaaS startup.

From SaaSt to SaaSBOOMi Build — What changed from a year ago?

Last year, we successfully did SaaST, a version of a SaaS event for Telangana. Thanks to Phani, TSIC and the Telangana Government, we were able to engage a community of 120+ growing startups successfully.
As we revisited the drawing board for this year’s edition, we all resonated with a thought of bringing together all SaaS events in the country under one banner and orient the sessions towards specific areas within SaaS that can allow for deeper and immersive learning. Thank you Avinash Raghava for pushing us to think about SaaS at large without boundaries.
After all, the goal of all these events is one — to pay it forward and help build successful SaaS startups in India. So when Tarun Davuluri approached the team (@RohitChennamaneni, @SreedharPeddineni, Mrityunjay KumarRaghu RavinutalaKiran Darisi and me(nutanc)) to organize SaaSBOOMi Build, we all agreed to it immediately.

Event Theme — Why did we choose to talk about ‘Build’?

When Rohit & Kiran brought up an observation that almost all startup events are geared towards sales & marketing, GTM and customer success while product and engineering (that forms the core of SaaS) is often discussed in digital chat rooms and WhatsApp groups ;), we all knew what had to be the new edition of SaaSBOOMi. In fact, a solid product is the bedrock of a SaaS business.
And so it was decided. We will have a SaaSBOOMi for the founders, product and engineering leaders who share the passion for building products. And sticking to the SaaSBOOMi ethos, all the sessions will be deep dive, personal and hands-on. You will hear from technical experts such as Ankit (CTO, Postman), Anjali (Director, ThoughtSpot), Monish (CTO, Icertis), Milind (CTO, Druva), Soham (Co-Founder, Rubrik), STS Prasad (SVP Engineering, FreshWorks) and a host of other engineering and product heads about how they built some of the most technically challenging solutions on top of which some of the most successful SaaS startups have been built in India.
The sessions are designed to give attendees real and immediate takeaways that they can then start implementing in their startups. I know, in India, we startups all believe that technically we know everything 🙂 But let me tell you, after listening to these experts you will find that all of us still have a lot to learn.

Qualification: Who is this event best suited for?

We believe startups with $1M+ ARR or 15–100 FTE Product and Engineering Teams will benefit the most from the journeys and unique challenges that will be covered in this edition.

Sessions: What can you explore at SaaSBOOMi Build?

Here is a sample of some of the sessions and what will be covered during those sessions.
  1. Building for the Enterprise vs. SMB: Is it different to build for Enterprise and SMBs? How do you prioritize the product roadmap? For example, when we started Ozonetel, we built an SMB product. But currently, more than 50% of our revenue comes from Enterprises. If we had known what to prioritize in the early days, we would have saved a lot of technical headaches.
  2. Building a 10X Product: Are you building a product? A Platform? A product suite? Does it matter? How important are APIs? This and a lot more will be covered in this session.
  3. Building Processes that Matter: DevOps here, Devops there. DevOps everywhere. DevOps has taken over as a very important role in the SaaS startup. And to think, when we started, we did not even have this role :). Public cloud, private cloud. How to manage all this and much more will be covered in this section.
  4. Building Winning Teams: Taking care of your technical team is also an art. A lot has been talked about how to build sales teams and sales organizations. But what about technical teams? How do you build a technical culture? What is the key to retention? What role do founders play? And I would love it if this session also told how to manage the giant egos of the technical people. I know they have a huge ego because I have one 🙂

Going Virtual

This SaaSBOOMi edition is special for one other reason. Due to the pandemic that is ravaging the whole world, this edition is a virtual edition. That said, we are making our best efforts to keep the sessions interactive and the takeaways as real as ever.
The event is still a curated one. So please apply  at the earliest. Once we curate the participating startups our session managers and speakers will fine-tune the content to fit the startup profiles.
So go, on sign up and spread the Indian spirit of paying it forward. Catch you all at #SaaSBOOMi Build.
Special thanks to Gowthami Kanumuru for adding her points!

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